Robust solution
for managing groups

With our Sportsorganizer software you were able to manage sport teams in a flexible way. With GroupOrganizer, you now have a versatile software solution for managing any type of group.

Manage virtually any kind of group

The possibilities are endless. Just think of a group you currently belong to and how having an intelligent software solution might help you enhance group management and communication. These are just a few of the examples of the GroupOrganizer enormous potential.

Are you a member of a team on a project?

Grouporganizer is an invaluable tool for gathering all project stakeholders and centralizing relevant project information. Everything is in one place and accessible to all team members, allowing major boost in overall efficiency.

Are you a member of a hiking group

Imagine having a common place to keep all information, routes, weather forecasts, schedules, even files and allow your group to function more efficiently.

Are you a wedding planner

Wouldn’t it be great to have a custom software tool tailored to exactly what you need when organizing weddings?

To help you cover all aspects of such a complex and demanding one-time in a life event? With GroupOrganizer, you can easily keep track of everything and communicate to your assistants and clients more easily.

Are you a member of a flower club?

GroupOrganizer can help you setup your florist meetings, keep track of flower competitions and all other important bits of information related to managing a flower club. It is accessible, organized and simple!

Group organizer is a versatile tool for managing all aspects of a group, including adding and managing group members and managers of different levels, as well as monitor activities, milestones, schedules, etc.
Use our Intelligent Calendars feature to display specific activities for the desired group, manager or project! Group Organizer allows various roles per project so one person can be a regular group member within one project and then a manager within another.
>Easily create and manage different types of group events such as: meetings, practices, tournaments, speeches, etc.